高三英语作文 篇一

times flys. my summer holiday is coming to theend. my holiday is just so so. it is not too much difference as before. at thebiginning of the vacation, i was doing my homework.

after all, study comesfirst. after i finished my homework, it was almost the end of july. it is thetime for me to help my family for harvest. it is so tired to to the farm work. howevr,being a member of our family, i have to give a hand. watching the achievement, ifelt proud though i just help a little. after finished the farm work, i foundmyself become much more tan. who cares!

it was my happy time, when i finishedall the things. i went out with my friends almost everyday. sometimes we playedgames or sport or went hiking. sometimes we went shopping in the evening forthe sun is too heavy in the daytime. we felt uncomfortable. but now there aretwo days left before the school opening time. so i have to stay at home for agood rest to store energy for my study. everything is so perfect. it is 11 o’clock.i think i have to say good ninght now.

高三英语作文 篇二

dear librarian,


thank you very much for offering me the chance to make suggestions to improve the service of library 。i love our library which holds thousands of books and i want to give your some suggestions 。


due to the fact that there is no plant in our library, i hope that you can add some in it 。it will be a great thing to read in a library filled with plants. in my spare time, i often go to the library and read some books 。and i find students have to stand between the shelves for hours 。it is a little tired for them to do so. it may be a good idea to add some chairs. another suggestion is that school should reduce the students reading in the library. we are long for a quiet environment.


高三英语作文 篇三

never give up

in this picture, we can see two men cutting earth in tunnels, hoping to find some diamonds. one makes great efforts in his work. after a long time without gains, he decides to give up, feeling disappointed. but in fact he is very close to success. with one or two more attempts of cutting, he would have seen those diamonds right in front of him. however, the other one is still cutting and he is more likely to succeed.

this story tells us a very simple but important piece of truth: we should be confident in what we have chosen to do and never stop our effort until we succeed.

just like the diamonds in the picture, success is just waiting for my last efforts.

高三英语作文 篇四

my mother always says that i am a lazy girl, when she needs my help with her housework, i will say no to her, which annoys her.

since i was very small, my mother did all the things for me, so i become lazy. one day, my mother became very strange, she was so quiet, she did not ask me about my homework, so i just played the computer and then slept. the next morning, when i went to school, my teacher asked us to hand in the homework, i did not finish, i was so awkward. then i realized that i should finish my homework even without my mother’s reminder. my mother is a wise woman, now i get over my laziness.

高三英语作文 篇五

the campus is like the flowers, the fragrance of the intoxicating, the smell of love. the schoolyard is like rain dew, nourish us, cultivate us; the campus is like a dream, that kind of beautiful, that kind of sweet. i love this garden campus.

"beautify campus, green campus"。 our campus has become green and beautiful. flowers, small trees, patches of grass, flowerbeds, our campus is full of life and fresh.

"the air is fresh, clean and tidy environment, buildings, surrounded by green trees", who don't want to in such a clean, sanitary, healthy growth of the beautiful campus learning? but for various reasons, our campus environment is being undermined by the bad behavior of some students. nowadays, in our beautiful campus, there are some uncivilized phenomena, some students randomly throw in the peel of paper, plastic bottles, melon seed shells and so on. whenever naughty wind these waste, running here and there, tinkling like a child, helpless, we can only watch them on campus "dance", and even some classmates in the scribble on the white wall and the desk carved, and disorderly spit phlegm, and so on. all this, cannot match with our beautiful campus. see these phenomena, how would you feel? does studying here make everyone happy?

in order to let us have the beautiful campus of green trees, clean environment and grass, please act quickly! use your own hands to protect the beauty of the campus environment. through radio, blackboard, speech competition, knowledge competition, the development theme class meeting, publicity of the importance of protecting our campus environment, the necessity, form "real small is my home, beautiful depends on everybody" good atmosphere; start everyone from yourself and start with the little things around you. as the saying goes, "do not be small but do not be evil." get into the habit of not littering, spitting, not scribbling, trampling on the lawn, moving, bending, and so on. dear students, let us join hands and work together to create a beautiful and tidy learning environment for ourselves. isn't that bad?

i am convinced that the campus is beautiful, friendly, is a place where we learn to grow, we love the campus, love every inch of the campus, let's work together to protect the environment of the campus!

高三英语作文 篇六

it is human nature to seek morc and to want something different. there are many instances in our daily life that can verify this.

we can take some humans basic needs as an example we do not want to wear the same clothes all the time and we want better and better cars. we wish to live in a more spacious flat. of course not all human beings are the same. for instance, some people try to climb up socially or politically all the time, while others never stop trying to make more money. children long for new toys while the old hope to live longer. scientists want to make new discoveries while writers desire to produce more works.

good or had, this human nature has been the impetus to the de velopment of human society. markets flourish because we want more and better goods. the development of science and technology has never stopped because of our desire to discover more and more. if man has been easily satisfied, the human society would still be at its primitive stage

高三英语作文 篇七

the first fall of snow is not only an event but it is a magical event. you go to bed in one kind of world and wake up to find yourself in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment, then where is it to be found?

the very stealth, the eerie quietness, of the thing makes it more magical. ifall the snow fell at once in one shattering crash, awakening us in the middle of the night the event would be robbed of its wonder. but it flutters down, soundless, hour after hour while we are asleep. outside the closed curtains of the bedroom a vast transfbrmation scene is takiag place, just as if a myriad elves and brownies were at work, and we turn and yawn and stretch and know nothing about it. and then, what an extraordinary change it is! it is as if the house continent. even the inside, which has not been touched, seems different, every room appearing smaller and cosier, just as if some power were trying to turn it into a woodcutter’s hut or a snug logcabin. outside, where the garden was yesterday, there is now a white and glistening level, and the village beyond is no longer your own familiar cluster of roofs but a village in an old german fairy-tale.

you would not be surprised to learn that all the people there, the speetacled postmistress, the cobbler, the retired school master, and the rest, had suffered a change too and had become queer elvish beings, purveyors of invisible caps and magic shoes. you yourselves do not feel quite the same people you were yesterday. how could you not when so much has been changed? there is a curious stir, a little shiver of excite-ment, troubling the house, not unlike the feeling there is abroad when a journey has to be made. the children, of course, are all excitement but even the adults hang about and talk to one another longer than usual before setting down to the day’s work. nobody can resist the windows. it is like being on board a ship.

高三英语作文 篇八

the mid-autumn festival is around the corner. as a tradition of mid-autumn festival, moon cake is popular during this period that is the necessity for this festival. previously, people often made moon cake by themselves, but now most people buy it from market. as time goes by, more and more moon cakes that are beautifully made are sold in the market.

however, the prices of moon cakes also increase correspondingly. some people even pay hundreds or thousand yuan to buy a box of moon cake. in my opinion, it is totally not necessary. moon cakes just a tradition of mid-autumn festival that owns good meaning. but more and more people regard it as gift to others and some others buy it to show their wealth, or take it as the symbol of status.

these are the reasons that increase the prices of moon cakes. i think its not a good phenomenon and we should enjoy this tradition or delicious food simply in such a good holiday.

高三英语作文 篇九

early in senior high school, we longed to be enrolled in a university. now the dream has come true. but how do we college students like our campus life?

certainly, some relish it, finding it colorful and rewarding. besides study, they spend considerable amount of time improving themselves in various aspect. yet others do not think much of their college life, thus do not benefit as much. in their eyes, the university is just a bigger high school. the only difference is that they have more time at their disposal without parents looking over their shoulder.

as to me, college life is ideal if only i have abundant books to read, some bosom friends to keep me company, a couple of conscientious professors to instruct me, and an easy access to the internet.

高三英语作文 篇十

ear editor,i'm writing to tell you about the discussion on whether anentrance fee should be charged for parks. opinions vary from person to person onthis issue.50% of the students disagree with the idea of entrance fees. in theiropinion, parks are public places where all the people can have a rest and enjoythemselves. so if an entrance fee is charged, some people will surely be keptaway from the park. besides, in order to charge entrance fees,gates and wallsmust be built. they think that it will do harm to the appearance of a city.40%of the students agree with the idea of entrance fees, because the gardeners needto be paid and new plants and flowers need to be bought.but fees should becharged reasonably.yours truly,






















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