高一英语范文:吸烟有害健康 篇一

a small smoke, endanger ten thousand myriad. smoking is equal to prodigal oneself health, shorten oneself life. smoking is harmful and healthy

" smoking is harmful and healthy "

this is how clear caution, how well-meaning advice! cigarette resembles " invisible killer " , it is in casual a health that damages you, gobble up your life. there also is such person beside us, know perfectly well smoking ill health, but he still smokes. do you know ? in the aerosol of the generation when smoking, have a variety of 3000 harmful material. endanger among them the biggest is nicotine. tar and carbon monoxide. the nicotine in a smoke is ok kill with poison a small white rat. absorb 40-60 milligram nicotine the person dies possibly. the person that smokes for a long time suffers from chronic tracheitis easily. coronary heart disease, suffer from even on lung cancer. tar is nicotian flaming child, among them a variety of cancer make thing. the harmful material in cigarette body can enter their body insensibly, the neurological, respiratory system that destroys them. if be mixed for a long time cigarette " intimate contact " the immune force that can reduce human body, make memory drops likely still. the nicotine in cigarette has direct destruction to vitamin c action, because of smoking may prevent human body to be absorbed to it. if human body is long-term devoid vitamin c, get likely scorbutic.

did not smoke again please! a small smoke, endanger ten thousand myriad. smoking is equal to prodigal oneself health, shorten oneself life. let us have a smokeless beautiful season!

高一英语作文 篇二

health is our most important possession, so we should do our best to maintain it. as we all know, good health is necessary to happiness and success. on the contrary, people who are in poor health are often pessimistic or depressed. as a rule, bad health means misery and failure.

as far as i’m concerned , there are three principal suggestions for us to follow. first of all, we should adopt a scientific diet, which provides the necessities for your body. the second one is that we are supposed to persist in taking physical exercise , especially the people working indoors. last but not least, we are supposed to stay in a cheerful mood.

as for me, in order to keep fit, i force myself to keep away from the “junk food” although it usually tastes good. moreover, i even form good habits of doing morning exercises, listening to beautiful music and reading good books, which always cheer me up.

all in all, only by carefully obeying the laws of health can we keep ourselves healthy.




高一英语作文 篇三

假设你是育才中学学生会主席李华。你校将举办一次英语演讲比赛(speech contest),希望附近大学的外籍教师smith 来做评委。请参照以下通知给她写一封信。






联系人:李华(电话44876655) 范文: dear ms. smith ,

i’m li hua , the chairman of the students’ union of yucai middle school ,which is close to your university 。 i’m writing to invite you to be a judge at our english speech contest which will be held in our school on june 15. it will start at 2:00 pm and last for about three hours 。 ten students will deliver their speeches on the given topic “man and nature”。 we hope that you will accept our invitation if it is convenient for you. please call me at 44876655 if you have any questions.

i’m looking forward to your reply 。

with best wishes

li hua

高一英语作文 篇四

did you feel a force when you stepped into the experiment with a light foot, a powerful force driving you forward? this is the first time i've come to this school. the feeling made me fall in love with the school, which melted into the school, and melted into campus life.。.

campus life is like a bunch of ice sugar gourd, with different flavors, sour, sweet, bitter, hot.。. but i really enjoyed a special flavor!

fat uncle? who is fat uncle? to tell you the truth! fat uncle is a master of humor! don't look down on fat uncle, he is famous! i wrote a lot of books. "next fat uncle heaven", "mouse love rice", "happy to write a composition", "one hundred chinese children's dream", "the four chitose forest", "fat" uncle.。. on this day, my fat uncle was coming to our school to speak, and i was so excited that i finally had a chance to meet him today.

this morning, the sun might have heard that the fat uncle was coming, so shy and shy, so he didn't climb up, just to watch the fat uncle speak in the back. after the bell rang, we heard the broadcast announcement, every class with stools, the orderly queue came to the playground, patiently waiting for the arrival of fat uncle.

高一英语必修一作文 篇五


nature is the mother of mankind. we get almost everything from her. we live on natural food. we make clothes from natural materials. and we build our houses of stone and wood. however, with the development of human beings, man has destroyed the balance of nature. water, air and soil have been badly polluted. some kinds of animals and plants have died out completely. as a result, man is being punished by nature. many people suffer a lot from all kinds of diseases caused by pollution. we should treat nature well and she will look after us.

高一英语范文:珍爱生命 篇六

i have been shocked many times by some accidents in my life through which i find human’s life is like a delicate vase that will break into pieces for some unexpected incidents.

one day in the summer of last year, wang, my friend, was watching a football match with his father.

the match was too exciting for his father’s heart to bear so he suddenly fell down to the ground for the heart attack. 120 was soon dialed but wang’s father passed away at last. it was too cruel for wang to see his father die in front of him, and also too difficult for me to accept the fact, because just several hours before his death, he picked wang and me up at pu dong airport and sent us back home. at that time, he was so healthy that no one would expect that he would die a few hours later.

a few days later, i found something wrong with my body.it was a cyst as big as a coin found under my cheek. i felt very worried because, as i know, a cyst in that place was very dangerous. i was put into hospital after the doctor decided to remove it. after i entered the room of patients, i was jaw dropping because the looks of the patients were frightening, one person has a lump as big as a baseball on his face; another patient’s eyes were bruised too badly to be seen and an old man’s teeth had been all knocked off because the doctor would do an operation in his throat. i felt lucky and was even satisfied with my illness in this situation.

life is really precious and delicate.

some people are bornblind or deaf. some pass away in a minute. some live in great pain even they are alive. we have no qualification to complain about some little unfairness in our life if we are healthy.

we should care for our lives and make use of it as plentifully as possible.

高一英语作文 篇七

every time when the public holiday comes, a lot of people have planned to travel somewhere and enjoy the leisure time. this year, as the mid-autumn festival and national day come together, so there will be a long holiday. while for me, i am not going to travel anywhere, because i don’t want to join the crowd, instead, i just want to stay in my house and enjoy the family hour. i am so happy that my grandparents will come to stay a few days with us.

my parents decide to have the family barbecue and ask more relatives to come. it is such a great reunion, and nothing can compare this moment. what’s more, we will drive to our hometown, which is near to the city. there will be less people and we can appreciate the beauty of nature.

高一英语必修一作文 篇八

dear sir or madam,

i’ve learned from a newspaper that six of eight bear species in the world are dying out. scientists say that humans are their biggest threat because some parts of bears are very expensive as medicine. that’s one of the reasons why bears are often killed. in addition, many habitats of bears are being destroyed as a result of human activities, so bears are losing their homes.

to save bears, i think more reserves for bears should be set up so that they can live freely there. laws should be passed to prevent people from killing bears. please give a hand to the endangered bears. they need help to survive. yours sincerely, li hua

高一英语必修一作文 篇九

my own android

i have an android named allen, which was made in january, 2008. he is about 1.5 metres in height and has artificial intelligence. this means he can talk with everyone. sometimes we play chess or play games. allen can do almost all the housework, such as cleaning the house and cooking the dinner, but the best thing allen can do is that when no one is at home, he can take care of my grandpa, who is quite old now. my grandpa is satisfied with allen’s service.

of course, if allen can be updated when necessary, i think, that’s much better.























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