高中幽默感的英语作文 篇一

a sense of humor is universally considered the most valuable asset in our personality. it is born within every person's heart but it has to be cultivated.a person without a sense of humor is just like a spring without flowers or a dish without seasoning. in a sense your personality lies in your sense of humor.

humor can enhance physical as well as mental well?being. it helps us bare our burdens reduce tension helps us overcome our frustrations relax our muscles and dissolve countless trifles and irritations offered by day?to?day life.

with the cracking of a joke all of our worries and sadness disappear like mist and we are full of vigor once again. besides humor helps us live in harmony with others. with it you can always stay on good terms with others. ?

one way to cultivate a sense of humor is to have a wide range of knowledge about many topics so that the slightest differences in meaning of a joke can be fully understood; otherwise we would be simply at a loss in such a situation. another crucial point in developing a sense of humor is to have a rich imagination. nothing can be worse than the lack of imagination to kill an otherwise funny joke. ?

a sense of humor is one of the ways in which we relax and recreate ourselves. the things we find humorous may vary but to have a sense of humor is very important and should be cultivated to get the most out of life.





幽默感是我们放松和娱乐的途径之一。 幽默可能因事而异但至关重要的是要有幽默感而且应该积极培养之以期生活更加丰富多彩。

高中幽默感的英语作文 篇二

we have a saying "destiny" character creation, therefore, attitude, character and personality is attitude is destiny, so if the right attitude fate, fate nature also went toward the direction of "correct" development, it is logical, but in the life "attitude" how to "set"? but what is more complex, more likely, it is not so simple, or just take a single options can finish. because of "life", the life span 70 to estimate assume a paragraph, such as 10 years before and after 10 years of life needs and ideological attitude is not the same growth to 20 years old, he again into 30 acceptable and the environment is not the same, and so on, has grown to 70 years old, affirmation is living in another world, so that each to a stage, it must be different degree of growth, and learn the different environment, needs and responsibility or said.

also means different stages, will have different life "attitude", will make the necessary adjustments "attitude", to face your own health life.

高中幽默感的英语作文 篇三

biologically, there is only one quality which distinguishes us from animals: the ability to laugh. in a universe which appears to be utterly devoid of humor, we enjoy this supreme luxury. and it is a luxury, for unlike any other bodily process, laughter does seem to serve a biologically useful purpose. in a divided world, laughter is a unifying force. human beings oppose each other on a great many issues. nations may disagree about systems of government and human relations may be plagued by ideological factions and political camps, but we all share the ability to laugh. and laughter, in turn, depends on that most complex and subtle of all human qualities: a sense of humour. certain comic stereotypes have a universal appeal. this can best be seen from the world-wide popularity of charlie chaplin’s early films. the little man at odds with society never fails to amuse no matter which country we come from. as that great commentator on human affairs, dr. samuel johnson, once remarked, ‘men have been wise in very different modes; but they have always laughed in the same way.’

a sense of humor may take various forms and laughter may be anything from a refined tinkle to an earthquaking roar, but the effect is always the same. humour helps us to maintain a correct sense of values. it is the one quality which political fanatics appear to lack. if we can see the funny side, we never make the mistake of taking ourselves too seriously. we are always reminded that tragedy is not really far removed from comedy, so we never get a lop-sided view of things.

this is one of the chief functions of satire and irony. human pain and suffering are so grim; we hover so often on the brink of war; political realities are usually enough to pluge us into total despair. in such circumstances, cartoons and satirical accounts of somber political events redress the balance. they take the wind out of pompous and arrogant politicians who have lost their sense of proportion. they enable us to see that many of our most profound actions are merely comic or absurd. we laugh when a great satirist like swift writes about war in gulliver’s travels. the lilliputians and their neighbours attack each other because they can’t agree at which end to break an egg. we laugh because we are meant to laugh; but we are meant to weep too. it is no wonder that in totalitarian regimes any satire against the establishment is wholly banned. it is too powerful a weapon to be allowed to flourish.

the sense of humour must be singled out as man’s most important quality because it is associated with laughter. and laughter, in turn, is associated with happiness. courage, determination, initiative-these are qualities we share with other forms of life. but the sense of humour is uniquely human. if happiness is one of the great goals of life, then it is the sense of humour that provides the key.

高中幽默感的英语作文 篇四

what is humor? it is not the performances of a clown who attempts to entertain others nor is it simply making fun of others. humor is the wisdom and resourcefulness that can alleviate an awkward situation. life inevitably brings disappointments setbacks and failures. if our endurance in the midst of frustrations is not sound anxiety and panic can overtake us. if one has a sense of humor however one can mentally adapt to the changing conditions in a wise and healthy manner. ?

humor can reduce distress and unhappiness by creating a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. while stiff expressions make others uncomfortable smiles and wit can soften anger relieve depression and comfort a broken heart. humor can foster better communication and understanding and therefore not only brings happiness to oneself but also and perhaps more importantly gratifies others. a sense of humor can certainly increase one's popularity?

humor can clearly be of much help to our work study and life as it is beneficial to our physical and mental health. not everyone one has an innate sense of humor however. a sense of humor is usually acquired in relation to others. in order to develop a sense of humor one must have an open mind and the ability to deal with unpleasant events and people. humor also requires a broad spectrum of knowledge and optimistic thinking.


























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