初一英语作文范文带翻译 篇一


this is me

my name is li xing, a boy in fourteen years old. i e from dalian, liaoning province, which is a beautiful and energetic city. every year, thousands of tourists visit there. there are three people in my family, my parents and i. my parents are doctors who work in a big hospital in my city. i have many interests. swimming, reading and movie are my favorites, which bring color to my busy study life. in study, i am good at chinese and english, while math is my weakness. i work very hard to improve it, but it doesn’t work very well. besides, i am easygoing and likely to make friends with others. friendship is an important part of my life.



初一英语作文带翻译 篇二


hello,everyone! i'm li mei. look! this is my family photo. this is my grandmother. she is 58. this is my father. he is a teacher. he is 36,and my mother is 36,too. who’s that boy? oh, he is my brother. he is 13 and i am 12. my brother and i are students.



look! this is tom’s room. his photos are on the wall. his t-shirt is on the bed. his baseball bat is behind the dresser. the keys are in the drawer. the *r is on the desk. where is tom’s baseball? oh, it’s under the bed. what is on the floor? they are tom’s shoes, socks and *r games. what do you think of tom’s room?


初一英语作文范文带翻译 篇三

when i was in middle school, i moved to the city to live with my parents, i miss my hometown all the time, i can’t forget about the beautiful mountain and the clear water. so in this summer vacation, i went back to my hometown, when i saw the familiar country road, i was so happy, i knew i was close to the nature. i took in the fresh air, i smelt the straw’s flavor, i took a look at the mountains and the clear water again. all of these made me relaxed, the nature was right in front of me. i hope the scenery won’t change all the time, once i have time, i will e back to enjoy it.


初一英语作文带翻译 篇四


i have a good weekend. on saturday morning,i do my homework. after lunch, i go shopping with my mother. at about five o’clock, i go to play basketball with my friend. on sunday, i watch a football game on tv. i often help my mother do housework. i watch tv with my parents in the evening. then i go to bed at nine o’clock. i’m very happy on weekends.


初一英语作文附翻译 篇五

my dream is to become a english teacher, because i like english, and i trusted my english, i will teach my students a lot of english words, english sentence patterns, english grammar. a lot of knowledge about english.

if i became a english teacher, i will use english to tell jokes in class every day before to them, and will give them a lot about english games.

this is my dream.




初一英语作文范文带翻译 篇六

this afternoon, my father took me to the olympic swimming, i was very happy, because for the first time i go to, have been very much looking forward to, every time my dad said, but did not go into, finally can go this time. but then i thought: ^v^our two people will be bored, so i invited my brother and uncle to play.^v^

i went swimming with my brother in the swimming pool. has begun! first i was in the front, then i was a little tired, my brother was speeding up the ^v^overtaking^v^, and finally i couldnt get over it, i lost!

then, my brother and i against uncle and father, i took my gun ^v^embedded^v^ underwater, brother to guide dad and uncle to come over, i suddenly emerged from the water, with water gun against them. we have a method, is ^v^a diversion^v^ we are currently using to a place where water spray nozzle, uncle and father went away in the past, we attack from behind them. the attack succeeded.

in the end, we won 2-1! we are so happy! ill be back next time. i had a great time this summer vacation.





初一英语作文带翻译 篇七

summer is the second season of the year. when summer es, it is getting hot and sunny. the days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter, for the sun gets up early and goes to bed late.

the world has bee a green world, green leaves on the trees, green grass by the river, green plants in the fields, and we can see beautiful flowers everywhere. birds sing from morning till night.

its so hot that all of the children go swimming in rivers or lakes, and the old people sit under big trees to enjoy the cool air, but the farmers are still busy working in the fields.




初一英语作文带翻译 篇八

my plan for new term

the summer holiday is going to the end. i am happy in the holiday, because i do a lot of things. now, the new term is ing, so i must make a plan for it. in the new term, i must work harder. i did not do very well in the last term. therefore, i want to make progress in the new term. besides, i want to do some more readings. books are the best resources to get knowledge. so i want to make good use of books to improve myself. finally, do exercise regularly. a healthy body is the basic of other things. i must take part in exercise to keep healthy. and doing exercise makes me relaxed and happy. i hope all my plans can e true in the new term.



初一英语作文范文带翻译 篇九


my first experience of plane

today i was very excited, because i traveled plane for the first time. my parents and i traveled tobeijingtoday. when the plane took off, i felt it was shaking. but i was not nervous because of excitement. after a while, it stopped shaking and flied higher. i could see the buildings on the ground. they became smaller and smaller. and finally, i couldn't see them anymore. through the window, i could see the blue sky. it was very clear. clouds were under the plane. they looked so different from the ground. it was amazing. i like the view very much. it took only two hours to get tobeijing. thebeijingairport is very large and wonderful. there are many planes and people. i think my trip will be funny.

























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