小学生英语作文 篇一

laba rice porridge was first introduced to china in the song dynasty about 900 years ago.

buddhism was well accepted in the areas inhabited by the han chinese, who believed that sakyamuni the first buddha and founder of the religion, attained enlightenment on the eighth day of the twelfth month. sutras were chanted in the temples and rice porridge with beans, nuts and dried fruit was prepared for the buddha. with the passing of time the custom extended, especially in rural areas where peasants would pray for a plentiful harvest in this way.

there is, however, another touching story: when sakyamuni was on his way into the high mountains in his quest for understanding and enlightenment, he grew tired and hungry. exhausted from days of walking, he fainted away by a river in india. a shepherdess found him there and fed him her lunch -- porridge made with beans and rice. sakyamuni was thus able to continue his journey.

小学生英语作文 篇二




既然说到挨家讨糖吃,接下来我们就玩了“trick or treat(不给糖就捣蛋)”的游戏。我提了一盏南瓜灯敲了敲门,笑嘻嘻地说:“trick or treat”,然后走进门,老师就给我了两颗糖。耶!太容易了!



小学生英语作文 篇三

hello! my name is chen ziyan. i had an interesting weekend. saturday morning i did homework at home. in the afternoon i visited grandparents. in the evening i watched tv at home. the day was full.

sunday morning. i read a book. in the afternoon, i went hiking . in the evening, i went to supermarket with my mother.

this was my last weekend, what about you ?

小学生英语作文范文 篇四

children’s day is coming. we are going to have some fun and do some interesting things at the party. we’re going to have a party in the classroom on the first of june. it is going to begin at one and end at five in the afternoon.

before the party, we are going to do some preparation. jessie is going to bring some balloons and flowers. sunday is going to think of some party games for the party. i am going to make a fruit salad for my classmates. sedona is going to make a delicious cake for us. steven is going to bring some snacks and drinks.

at the party, we’re going to do lots of things. first, we’re going to sing and dance together. next, i am going to give a magic show, because it is fun. then, sunday will perform a cross talk. we all like it. finally, we’re going to take a photo in celebration of our graduation together.

i am sure the party will be meaningful and we are going to have a good time.

小学生英语作文 篇五

april fool"s day is traditionally a day to play practical jokes on others, send people on fool"s errands, and fool the unsuspecting. no one knows how this holiday began but it was thought to have originated in france.


the closest point in time that can be identified as the beginning of this tradition was in1582, in france. new year"s was celebrated on march25and celebrations lasted until april1st. when new year"s day as changed from march25to january1st in the mid-1560"s by king charles ix, there were some people who still celebrated it on april1st and those people were called april fools.


pranks performed on april fool"s day range from the simple, (such as saying, "your shoe"s untied!), to the elaborate. setting a roommate"s alarm clock back an hour is a common gag. the news media even gets involved. for instance, a british short film once shown on april fool"s day was a fairly detailed documentary about "spaghetti farmers" and how they harvest their crop from the spaghetti trees. whatever the prank, the trickster usually ends it by yelling to his victim, "april fool!"



april fool"s day is a "for-fun-only" observance. nobody is expected to buy gifts or to take their "significant other" out to eat in a fancy restaurant. nobody gets off work or school. it"s simply a fun little holiday, but a holiday on which one must remain forever vigilant, for he may be the next april fool!


each country celebrates april fool"s differently. in france, the april fool"s is called "april fish" (poisson d"avril)。 the french fool their friends by taping a paper fish to their friends" backs and when some discovers this trick, they yell "poisson d"avril!"。

每个国家用不同的方式过愚人节。在法国,愚人节被称作“april fish”。法国人和他们的朋友是这


小学生英语作文 篇六

i graduated in june 28th of this year. just after i finished the test, i was still in the middle of my graduation exam. the teacher in charge came into the house and said: i just got a notice. you don't have to come to graduate today. the news is not a good or bad, but i still think it must be a dream. it turned out to be true, and i didn't get excited when the teacher got the graduation notice to my hand. but in the second left the tears. when i cried, i heard my deskmate crying too much. after a while, it became two people crying together. the teacher talked to us on the podium. i still remember it vividly. i didn't know about how long i had been crying for, and when i was just going to get up, i found my back table naughty egg was looking at the corner of my eye. the teacher said that the students could be on duty this evening. carter, i saw the students flocked to the garbage like a swarm of bees, broom, mop to clean the house. i did not hesitate to join the team, and the house cleaned up. we are dirty, everyone sweating, the ground is wet, we do not know the tears and sweat. we go to town in the unity of some students went to the field before leaving school, my classmates and i pull the hook must often contact, can not forget each other, if you forget that dog pig. when we went to the school, we heard the farewell song and had a great cry. i feel very bad, but i can't help crying. when i walked out of school, i wanted to go home, but my feet didn't listen to me. i couldn't get on the bicycle. i heard a touching lyric and recalled the help from my classmates. i still can't move the teacher's guidance and instruction. looking back, my good friends are standing at the school gate too late to leave.

the school makes me grow old, wings make me see, classmates give me help, i will always remember this glorious and resplendent land, i also have a beautiful dream.

小学生英语作文范文 篇七

i am from guangzhou. in spring ,the weather is wet and warm. i can play kite.

in summer, the weather is wet and hot. i can swim in the swimming pool. in the autumn, the weather is cool and dry. i can play kite, too. in the winter, the weather is cold and dry. it never snow.

how about you?

小学生英语作文 篇八

there is only good mother, i was no exception. mom has a white face, a pair of round eyes, a black head of hair. mothers love is selfless dedication.

mother every year in the winter are to weave a beautiful new sweater to me, let me have a warm winter. mother to work every day, off work back to knit a sweater for me. you said: "what is this?" is a mothers love.

when i was 4 years old a small lump grew on the arm, my mother took me to a hospital checking, the doctor said: "to do surgery." after much cogitation mom and dad agreed. mother day and night after the operation finished watching i hardly slept a wink all night. you said: "what is this?" is a mothers love. a mothers love reminds me of a mothers love poem "the wanderer". all the dribs and drabs, together, this is a mothers love.

小学生英语作文 篇九

my favorite garden

i most like the gargen from a book,this book called“the secret garden”。this a “revive”garden.i love everything there,the lovely flowers ang trees,the blue sky superior arth,bright sunshine,clear moving the song of the birds,the gentle breeze,sweet gorgeous words can describe the beauty of the garden.i love this garden,i believe you will like it too.

小学生英语作文 篇十

as china becomes more and more into the international community, western customs, was introduced into china and the western festival。 western holidays, particularly christmas, popular in china, but the chinese should celebrate christmas has triggered a heated debate。

some people think that christmas is the invasion of western culture, so it should be condemned。 however, i think this is one of china's opening and appreciate other cultures。

moreover,we have our distinctive way of celebrating christmas。instead of going to the church like the americans,we regard christmas as an opportune time to shop and to enjoy ourselves,as many shopping centres offer discounts to attract costumers in christmas season。as such,our values are not deeply altered by our celebration of christmas。
















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